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Educorps Spring 2022 Advising Forums: Developing Pre-teaching Professional Pathways for Diverse Teacher Recruitment & Advisement


EduCorps together with the Educator Preparation and Public School Programs invites you to join our forum series for Developing Pre-teaching Professional Pathways for Diverse Teacher Recruitment & Advisement.

Dates for the Recruitment & Advisement Webinar Forums
February 24(Thu), March 29(Tue), April 29(Fri), 2022 

Title: Developing Pre-teaching Professional Pathways for Diverse Teacher Recruitment & Advisement (Educorps Forum Series)
EduCorps has developed a Recruitment & Advisement  forum series for spring 2022 to engage campus-based advising and recruiting staff, faculty and administrators in discussions around issues that present challenges to students’ aspirations to become teachers. The goal of the series is to provide best practices to address the institutional and systemic barriers experienced by students from diverse backgrounds and to share strategies for student success system-wide.


Thursday, February 24, 2022, 
Pre-teaching Practicum Experiences as Recruitment for STEM Future Teachers of Color (Moderator: Jamie Chan)

Recruitment of diverse teacher candidates continues to be an area of high need, especially in STEM disciplines. Exposure to early science practicum experiences for undergraduates, especially students of color, can play a role in reversing this trend by providing opportunities for prospective educators to observe and practice high-quality STEM teaching, access deeper science content knowledge and setting higher expectations for program completion. Learn best practices and lessons learned when offering these “hands on science labs” from four existing programs in the CSUs and hear first-hand experiences from former student participants who are now credentialed teachers.  


Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 11:00AM-12:30PM
Diversity & Equity in Teacher Recruitment (Moderator: Cheryl Ordorica)

Why is diversity and equity important in teacher recruitment?  How does validating interpersonal, social, and academic lived experiences and interactions attract diverse candidates in teaching programs?  Some proposed best practices to recruit diverse teacher candidates in educational pathways may include the development and implementation of tailored marketing strategies; foster an inclusive, supportive learning environment; and sustain productive communication methods.  The goal of this webinar is to examine best equitable practices to recruit diverse teacher candidates in pre-teaching professional pathways.


Friday, April 29, 2022, 11:00-12:30 PM
Using Data, Technology & Systems to Enhance Teacher Recruitment & Outreach (Moderator: Jason Chan)

Technology is around us every day, but how does your team use data and systems as part of your teacher recruitment efforts?  After a recruiting event, how do you stay in communication with a prospect and nurture that relationship?  Do you collect data to help you determine what types of recruiting events and/or prospects have a higher probability of applying to your credential program?  There are so many tools and options that there is no "right" answer... as long as we're doing something on a consistent basis.  Join us for this webinar where we share and discuss some of the tools and systems our colleagues around the CSU system are using to help enhance our teacher recruitment and outreach efforts.