Celebration of Teaching Kickoff Webcast


In this Webcast we have invited the Assistant Vice Chancellor and the directors of Educator and Leadership Program sin the CSU Office of the Chancellor to inform us on the the upcoming projects they are working on in educator preparation.

EduCorps represents the community of individuals interested in growing the future through teaching. Its purposes are to significantly increase the number and diversity of students entering CSU’s teacher preparation programs, especially in high-need areas such as math, science, special education, and bilingual education, and to provide ongoing, high-quality support to members on their path to earning their teaching credentials.

This year, we are sponsoring a month-long Celebration of Teaching this October. As you know, the CSU prepares more of California’s teachers—preschool through grade 12—than any other institutions combined. It also produces nearly four percent of the nation’s teachers. Our campuses work with local school systems to prepare teachers for success, equipping them with the skills and experiences to deliver high-quality, culturally responsive instruction to students. 

The idea behind the month-long Celebration of Teaching –for the fall– is to highlight the outstanding work that the CSU does to prepare teachers for our California PK-12 schools. A series of events are planned to take place throughout October - please see the Calendar of Events flyer with dates/times/and links to attend in the chat.